How To Get Unbanned From WhatsApp

How To Get Unbanned From WhatsApp

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WhatsApp and its importance :


Whatsapp is the most used instant message application, and it is used by millions of user to send millions of messages for free. Whatsapp is the 5th most downloaded app on the android, and WhatsApp says that they are adding 1 million users every day.

So overall we can say the WhatsApp is the most convenient approach of communication with people around the world you may know either in the same city, country shortly to all over the world. In our daily scheduled life, there may be no single day where we can’t say that WhatsApp is not mandatory, or there is no use of WhatsApp.

There are certain people also who worked starting from the wake-up of their day that may be either a good morning message or any other business related work.

WhatsApp is a quite user-friendly app that any beginner can quickly get started or easily use that without any problem. Some people may even don’t need guidance on how to get started with the WhatsApp.

It is one of the most significant environment for online messaging which include the features like text, images, videos, stickers, Location of the user, GIF and also contains the audio clips, voice notes, and phone contacts as well to share the information. It also provides users to put the status, which can be seen by all the person in their contact list.

Apart from this, the good thing is that Whatsapp pushes the new and latest features often to meet the requirements of more than 1 billion consumers of it and all these attributes or characteristics are incredibly cool.

But here the twist is WhatsApp fulfill these features after a long time and Sometimes also prevents the user from using these features.

And this is really where the impatient WhatsApp users start looking for the different methods or different approaches of utilizing WhatsApp and search for other options like WhatsApp mods which include the GBWhatsApp along with Whatsapp plus, because in WhatsApp you can’t forward the message to unlimited persons; that’s why most users have moved towards the WhatsApp mod.

What is WhatsApp mod?

Now let’s discuss these alternatives where some user is not aware of the WhatsApp mods. These alternatives are nothing but the forked version of the WhatsApp.They have fully unlocked premium features. These are the custom and Improved Whatsapp versions that may have much more extra features than official WhatsApp.Their functions are like allow the user to hide their last seen or last connection time, hide the double blue check, the customized look of the WhatsApp and many more features.

These WhatsApp mods have many features in it, but there are certain risks are there which are involved in using the WhatsApp mods.WhatsApp has recently announced that the people who use WhatsApp mods they are getting banned from the WhatsApp.

The report has stated that these WhatsApp mods apps are used to share the fake and spam messages or videos in the WhatsApp. To avoid these fake news or messages in the community, WhatsApp has taken the step to prevent them by getting banned to these kinds of users.

If you may have used this kind of WhatsApp mods, then you might have seen a notification from your WhatsApp account that “Your account is temporarily banned from the using WhatsApp.”
Now WhatsApp provides one of the primary services or features in our daily routine life, and if you will get this kind of notifications then it is probably a headache to anyone as you disconnect with all the service of we will discuss some important factors related to it.stay tuned!

Several Possible reasons for getting banned from the WhatsApp:

There are specific reasons behind this that how you get banned from the WhatsApp. Let’s discuss that first.

  1. Violating the terms of WhatsApp:

    Every service has its terms and conditions before using them. Unlike WhatsApp has the same end called terms and conditions. If you are using WhatsApp then after installation of it you may have noticed that they make you follow you agree on their terms and conditions. Violating them may often lead to getting a ban from the WhatsApp and prohibited you from using their services. You can check those terms and conditions from the above link, and you devise as well.

  2. Sending bulk of messages to unlisted contacts:

    Whatsapp has one condition, or you can say the rule, that you can’t share or forward the messages to more than five users at a time. But there is specific software that allows you to send those messages to people in bulk in WhatsApp you can call them third-party software. If you have ever used this kind of software, then it will result in a ban of your WhatsApp account.

  3. creating adult-related groups and broadcast:

    If you have created any group or broadcast for any purpose or to share adult contents on the WhatsApp, then WhatsApp will restrict you to do this. It will not allow you to do so, And many users that may doesn’t have your number then that user can report that group or broadcast as spam. So this can be one of the reasons for getting a ban from WhatsApp account.

  4. By sharing or uploading abusive content:

    Whatsapp will strictly restrict you from sharing or transmitting the material that is often related to Adult, Abusive, or related to gambling. So if you have knowingly or unknowingly or even mistakenly have shared the contents or messages that are related to illegal stuff, then there are individual chances that you get banned from WhatsApp.

  5. Blocking your WhatsApp number by many people:

    Once people know that your number is spam and directly or indirectly you are harassing them, then they can block your this is one more reason that you can get banned from the WhatsApp.

  6.  Use of WhatsApp mods:

    This is quite strange but this is the most common reason that if you use WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp plus and many more, just to get the advanced features offered by them, and due to these services or features are not provided by the WhatsApp then using these services may temporarily ban you from the WhatsApp.


So these were the primary and common reasons that lead you to ban from the account. If this may ever happen to you or if you have done any of the activities listed above, then here are some steps that you may need to recover your account. Then people search for customer services and help online. So now let’s see these here:

You can download: Anti-Ban GBWhatsApp from here

How to unban WhatsApp account or recover that account :


Most often WhatsApp will ban you mainly in two perspectives, either temporarily or permanently. In this case, suppose your account is a temporarily banned from the WhatsApp then there are more chances for you that your account can recover soon. But think your WhatsApp account is permanently banned then there are fewer chances are there to improve it. Let’s discuss it briefly.

A temporary ban on your WhatsApp account :

If your WhatsApp account is temporarily banned, then you will see a timer running on your WhatsApp screen with one message saying that your account is temporarily banned and it will be re-activated after particular time amount.
The temporarily banned account will undoubtedly take a maximum of 24 hours to 48 hours. After that specific time amount, you will get your WhatsApp account back. Sometimes it may take a couple of weeks too. It mostly depends on the activity that you have done.

How to recover temporarily banned account?


In most cases of temporarily banned account, it will automatically recover or activate the account after a specific time amount that you can see on your WhatsApp screen. So all you have to do is wait for that ban to be expired after that limited period patiently. After that expired time, you will automatically get back your account and messages soon.

Apart from this if you are using any WhatsApp mods then firstly remove them from your phone and download the latest WhatsApp account from the google play store, install it in your phone, then register using your number and wait for that particular time to get expired.

Meanwhile, also avoid getting banned in the future. Beware of the terms and conditions and from all the activities as mentioned above.

Permanent ban on your WhatsApp account:

As I mentioned you above that, there are fewer chances of the recovery or to re-activate of your account when you are getting banned by permanent WhatsApp account.
It is quite a bit difficult for a permanent ban compared to a temporary ban.
In many cases, this happens because of violating the terms and conditions of the WhatsApp service due to the illegal usage of it.

How to recover on permanently banned account?

  • First of all, uninstall your existing WhatsApp application from your phone and download the latest version of WhatsApp from google play store.
  • Now enter your phone number or register it with your account and you will see one prompt message saying that you are ban.


  • Now click on the “support” option from that popup message.
  • Afterward, contact support form will be displayed, which will take you to the WhatsApp team, and then you can contact them.
  • Now you can request them to unban your WhatsApp account. Then one form will be shown, so fill that form with all necessary details where you can write your problem.
  • Now Click “Next” and scroll down
    Choose, “This does not answer my problem.”
  • Now send a support mail to the WhatsApp team using [email protected].
  • In this latter, explain your problem and describe everything. Give your best to convince the team and be polite to them. Once you send the mail to Whatsapp team, you should get a reply from them within 24 hours to 48 hours. Now you may proceed further, and you can reply to them as per the instruction in the mail.

If they replied you or you can say if you succeeded to convince them then your luck is good enough to get your account back! And if you were failed to convince them and not getting back your WhatsApp account then it seems to be your account is permanently banned or frozen by WhatsApp, And it will be not unbanned by WhatsApp.

Now the alternate solution or the best suggestion is to use the WhatsApp account is, create a new WhatsApp account using another phone number. By using this you can use WhatsApp, or another option is you can use these WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsapp, WhatsApp plus and many more.

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