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Windows 11 Release Date of 2019, Features, Concepts And Latest News You Need to Know



Windows 11 Release Date, Features, Concepts And Latest News

All of you people know what Microsoft is. Well, Microsoft doesn’t require any introduction. Microsoft is a Big Brand in IT Sector. Windows is the Product of it and Windows is the most used operating system all over the world. It has been a long time since Microsoft has launched Windows 10. Lastly, Windows 10 was launched in July 2015. It has gained significant success. The reason behind the success of Windows 10 is the focus of Window’s developer Because the Microsoft see the developers a part of it’s the biggest frame.


So you can assume it was three years ago. Now Users are waiting for the next version of it, i.e. Windows 11. People want to know that what is the Windows 11 Release date. whereas Microsoft has a different approach to provide the facility of a new operating system to the user. There are a lot of rumors and assumptions that Microsoft is going to launch the new operating system Windows 11 and the release date of Windows 11.

Earlier, Microsoft has released the update of Windows 10 which comes up with several new exciting features and also provides fast login speed. But in this case, some of the users have not been satisfied with these new features, so they are eagerly waiting for the new release of the Microsoft Windows 11.

What is Microsoft Windows 11 release date of 2019 and official date of windows 11! You all might be surprised, So here we are going to tell you the fact and going to uncover all the rumors regarding this new project of Microsoft named Windows 11  And Windows 11 release date!

What’s the Release Date of Windows 11?


The whole Tech industry, as well as the users, are desperately waiting for the next big project of Microsoft which is Windows 11, They are waiting for the news from Microsoft that when it is going to be released! The shortest and most straightforward answer to this question is “Not Yet.”

According to the various survey and resources right now, there will be no windows 11, but the concept of it is highly ranking in the market so users hopes for the next version of it. Reports have revealed that Currently, Microsoft is not looking forward to designing any other versions of the operating system. As you know to develop the next version of it required a lot of human resources, time as well as money power. Some of the reports also may suggest that it is a marketing strategy.

Now one of the possible reasons is Microsoft may silently working on Windows 11 but doesn’t want to reveal it, But for that, You have to wait for the latest news from Microsoft. But one thing is also there; you must know that these kind of jobs are cant be done in silently. Because, As per the resources, government and corporate agencies are there to notice that they must be notified earlier to know the development of the new operating system.

Microsoft-There-Will-Be-No-WindowsAnother report also suggests that Windows 10 is going to be the final version of Microsoft Windows. The idea behind this strategy is Microsoft doesn’t want that the both of the releases of that people can buy altogether. They want to give some efforts and time to the current version of it and also want to Improve the current version so that people can be entitled to use the latest features of the Windows. So it is also possible that Windows 11 release date is just a myth!

“End Of Support” on Windows 10


There was one situation where users wanted the next version of Windows 10 or the new features in it as they saw End of service from Microsoft’s official website. But let them know this notification varies from version to version rather than the whole Windows 10.

Microsoft has officially announced that some of the versions of the windows 10 such as 1507, 1511 or 1607, will likely not receive any updates regarding the security updates or any other updates. Due to security purposes, they have announced that. So they recommend you to download and update the latest version of the Windows 10 rather than the old one. Now, this doesn’t mean that Microsoft would no longer support Windows 10.

Due to this, You may expect a new version of it or Windows 11, But it is essential to know that Microsoft is soon going to launch the latest updates at the end of the year.

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About the Next Microsoft Operating System Update

After that news which uncovered the fact that “No more Windows from Microsoft” there were several rumors on the top in the Tech Industry, and somewhere it is worthy of being in the market.

Microsoft has officially claimed that they will not release next Window after windows, but rumors are there that Microsoft is going to launch something new; Well we will conclude this later in our article so stay tuned!

Future of Windows 10


According to the reports and some of the experts suggest that Windows will be considered like any other service and that will be updated twice a year or according to the requirements of the users.

One of the developers Jerry Nixon said at the ignite tech conference that,” Right now we are releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of the windows, we are all still working on Windows 10” So it clears to everyone that it may be going to release at the end of the year or might be the Windows 11 Release date can come up at the end of the year.

Various Features that People Wants in Windows 11

  1. The alternative between Start Menu And the Start Screen.
  2. Direct Login to the Desktop and Quick Access to Power.
  3. Notification of Windows Update on the Desktop
  4. Customized Desktop Background, Custom Colour, and Font Options
  5. Redesigned Task Bar
  6. Transparency Effect and Many More.


Binding up with all our discussion we can say that Microsoft is not going to give us their new project named windows 11 but some of the sources that suggest it is going to release at the end of the year, till then wait for their next version or latest updates on your current version. If you have any news regarding the latest updates of Windows 11 or even the Windows 11 release date then let us know in our comment section below. Thank you for Reading!

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