Best Websites To Find Internships In India

Best Websites To Find Internships In India

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“Every beginner possesses a great potential to be an expert in their chosen field.” -Lailah Gifty Akita

Training is a very important phase of learning and an Internship can help you in learning many things which schooling can never teach you. Today we are here with a list of best websites to find Internship in India.

What is an Internship?

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The internship is a temporary position of any student or trainee who worked at the location of that company or an organization. Sometimes it may be paid or may not be, for some duration of time. Mostly student prefers the internship to gain the work experience practically or based on their requirements.

Importance of an Internship:

Importance of an Internship

  • A course of an internship enables you to work in the real world, It provides you industrial experience.
  • It allows you to learn more about your exciting factors or goals and also provide a helpful learning graph for
  • students with little experience in the professional world.
  • It helps to learn more about yourself and develop your professional network.
  • It helps in transition into a full-time position or part-time position.
  • It also helps you to build your resume or CV stronger and helps in job placements.

Difference Between Internship and Training



Training:- Training is learning the process, where are getting trained by the expert faculties to master in that field. While pursuing training you learn the from Basic and Fundamental concepts to Advanced level concepts, based on your training course. It’s mostly performed by training companies. It can be both online or offline. You mostly pay for getting trained and you get a completion certificate of training afterward.

Example: Online Courses on Udemy, Project Trainings, etc.

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Internship:- It is the execution of what you have learned till now. Internships are mostly 2 to 6 months duration long. To get selected for an Internship, you must have prior knowledge of that particular field. In the Internship, you brush your skills and improve your knowledge in the industry. A good company might also give you a stipend, rewards, and certification.

Example:  Website Handling, Content Writing, WordPress etc.

How to prepare before applying for an Internship?

  • Students use Internship websites to find various internships available online. There are various internship sites like Internshala,, Letsintern, and many more like these.
  • Search intern-specific sites that serve specifically to interns and entry-level job seekers as well. Such as, Look sharp, and many more.
  • Attend career fairs or seminars that also includes many internship opportunities.
  • Sometimes many people won’t list their internship vacancy, so you can ask your tutor or professor they often know about internship or assistantship prospects. Sometimes it is also possible that they also may looking for an assistant to help out with other practical tasks.

What to do before applying to an Internship?

  • Learn how to write a resume then create a resume and build for yourself.
  • You can also gather the reference to back up the information like use your available resource like college network, family members, or any other known companies or employees to apply for an internship.
  • For a particular specific internship field, you can also create a sample work portfolio. Provide a short description for each sample for its creation like If you are applying for something related to writing, art, computer programming, research, or performance; your work samples will likely speak louder than your resume or cover letter.
  • Avoid repeating the content from your resume. Instead, express precisely how your experience prepares you for the internship you are applying.
  • Now prepare Yourself and get ready to face the interview with confidence.


So this was the necessary primary process, but the most challenging job in the whole process is FINDING AN INTERNSHIP. Sometimes Students also prefer the summer internships or winter internships during their school/college vacation.

So now let’s discuss Best websites to find Internships in India where you can find many opportunities to get an internship.


Top Five Websites To Find Internships Online In India


1. Internshala:


It is one of the biggest platforms in India who provides a platform for online training and placement as well. According to the survey of 2017, there were more than 1.5 million students and 45,000 companies. This website is user-friendly and quite clean site. In this, one can filter their data like location, duration, work from, categories, and many more.apart from this Internshala have an option for students who want to be a part of the training. So they can register in Internshala and can get the letter for internship request. Internshala also has one more feature of “Student partner” in college to promote the brand in their colleges.

2. Letsintern:


Another popular internship platform where students find meaningful internships with organizations of all scale. Letsintern has the specialties in Internships, Interns, Career tips, Marketing, Recruitment, hiring, and many more. In this mostly 300k+ students visit it per month and 13k+ organizations like Dell, Pepsi, HCL, Uber, Zomato, Flipcart, Airtel, TOI and many more.

3. Hello Intern:


In this site, students can find the best internship Opportunities in India. It also provides an excellent platform to look for internship programs for better career development Opportunities. It offers certified training followed by internships like IOT, Machine Learning, AI, Embedded Programming, and many more. HelloIntern is one of the initiatives of Angaros Group, Singapore based organization. It still exists from 2006, and Many media has promoted this site like Dainik Bhaskar, The times of India, silicon-India and many more.

4. twenty19:


This site promotes the idea that the real learning for student lies beyond the four walls of a classroom and they can gain essential knowledge and skills when they take the initiative by working in the real world. In 2009 it was built, and they have specialties in online courses, college events, workshops, and many other exciting things. It also provides scholarship, conference and other students competitions and events around the world.


internships_chegg Chegg internship is a service provided by Chegg. On, you can find internships in a better way. They also provide guidance and help in preparation. On this website, you can also find previously used resume and applications. There are more than 75000 internships available worldwide.

Best Mobile Apps for Finding Internships:

1. Internshala:

Internshala also provides a mobile application which is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Which provides almost the same features a website, where students can apply for internships and check the status of the application.

2. Frapp:


It is another online platform that helps students who want to get internship opportunities.It was launched in the year 2014 to let the students find the best internship opportunities online and earn money, get rewards, and exclusive benefits. Frapp-Internships and mission for students App on a google play is a student-centric app that is available on play store.


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I hope you liked the article, and It will help you decide the best internship provider. We wish you good luck with getting selected to a great company. Please know your feedback into the comment section. Don’t forget to share with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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