All You Need To Know About MIUI 9

    Xiomi has released the much awaited MIUI 9 recently which has made its users go crazy. MIUI 9 is the latest version of the MIUI custom Android ROM. It is an interface design based on the recently aired Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 8.0 Oreo.


    MIUI 9 besides providing features that come along with Nougat has smart new features that promise to boost the performance of the gadget.

    MIUI 9 is said to run best on Xiaomi Mi 5X along with which MIUI 9 was launched.
    MIUI 9 includes the various features that are not just different from Nougat but also from MIUI 8.

    The latest OS version mainly focused on three main areas: Image search, Smart Assistant, and Smart app launcher.

    Some other cool features included are:
    ● Quick-reply from notifications
    ● Multi-window support
    ● Mi Smart Assistant – Quick Card
    ● MI Image Search
    ● Mi Smart App Launcher
    ● Notification Filters
    ● New Home Screen Customization
    ● More Optimized and Accelerated Apps – Fast App Launch
    ● New Theme

    Quick-reply from notifications:

    miui 9 reply from notification
    It is an inbuilt feature that allows the users to reply to messages quickly from the notification
    panel. Thereby saving time and preventing the chances of pausing a video or a game to reply
    to the messages.

    It also provides an option to send voice messages from the notification panel itself. Moreover, the user can as well set the settings accordingly to reply directly from the
    lock screen.

    Multi-window support:

    miui 9 Multi-window support
    Multi-window option is no longer confined to laptops and computers but also for phones
    using MIUI 9. This is possible as Android 7.0 Nougat. This feature allows the user to enjoy
    using multiple apps simultaneously.

    This is also known as a split screen. So as to use this feature one needs to tap on Recent Button and then select the Split Screen Mode from the top left. The user can even adjust the size of each window according to their preference.

    Mi Smart Assistant – Quick Card

    All the gadget industry now is indulged in AI research to launch its own assistant so as to
    please its users. After Siri and Google Assistant, Xiomi has released it’s assistant- MI
    Assistant with amazing AI features.

    When one swipes right from the home screen the user can find a Quick Card which provides
    easy access to most frequently used apps. Here one can even create shortcuts to apps like Quick Pay payment apps, Create Quick Notes. Moreover, it provides real-time information-
    Scores of sports matches or stock markets.

    MI Image Search
    The users can search for an image using keywords. This helps in saving time from scrolling
    through numerous pictures in the album just to find one picture. This feature is similar to the
    Google Image search.

    The best part is it allows the users to search for a text that is part of the photos or screenshots. For example, one can search for their scanned license image from a chunk of pictures in a short while.

    Mi Smart App Launcher



    This is the best and unique feature among all the new features MIUI 9 provides. It analyses the information and assists the user in launching an appropriate app.

    If someone texts the address the user has to copy it and then paste in Maps so as to see the direction or use GPS. The user need not involve in this tardy task rather the Smart App will analyze the address and itself suggests through options to use Maps.

    Notification Filters
    It is easy to manage one’s notification bar by allocating priority to certain apps, blocking
    unwanted ones and putting few on DND mode. So as to block or put a notification in DND mode one has to mark it as a not important notification so that it does not appear from the next time.

    New Home Screen Customization
    WIth new changes, the user can move multiple apps at once from one screen to another very easily. The user after selecting the apps shall move it to the screen list at the bottom.

    More Optimized and Accelerated Apps – Fast App Launch
    So as to make sure that the performance of the phone is boosted the team that engaged in
    developing MIUI 9 has focused on optimisation.

    Consequently, they have added features like cache management, new file system, and wireless acceleration. The apps are launched in very short time irrespective of it being a game app or a normal app.

    New Theme

    The latest version MIUI 9 has three new themes added to it: Limitless, Color Fantasy, Cool
    Black. There are also some cool animations that have been added. These can be seen while
    the user switches from app to another.

    MIUI 9 being the latest interface has unique and amazing features that boost the performance and leaves its users with great experience. The special feature includes Smart
    Assistant and search. These features help saveloy of time for the users. Hence, making it one
    of the best available interface based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

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    I hope when you will get the update og MIUI 9 on yout Mi Devices you will lovw it. Do let us know in the comment box if you like the new features of this MIUI 9 update. Stay in touch with Legit Tech Info to be updated with latest tech news 🙂


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