7 Best Educational Apps For Android That Will Help You Learn Almost Anything

    If you have dedication to learn, you can get yourself a college-grade education without spending a penny and that too on your Android smartphone with the help of some awesome apps. Some learning apps are better than others but they all have the same goal of helping you know something you didn’t previously know. If you want to fast track your progress and learn about just about anything, here are the best learning apps for Android!

     1. Udemy Online Courses

    Udemy is an online service that offers a vast array of courses on everything from web development to personal development. Want to learn how to play the guitar? Whether you’re a beginner or a virtuoso, Udemy’s got dozens of courses to help. How about starting your own business? Yeah, they’ve got that, too.
    Virtually any subject you can think of, chances are Udemy has a course for it taught by an industry expert. The Udemy app allows you to access all of your courses’ videos and learning materials on the go through your mobile device.
    Just keep in mind; while the Udemy app itself is free to download, you’ll have to pay for each course you take. Some courses are longer and therefore more expensive than others. The good news is Udemy frequently hosts blowout sales on many of their offerings, allowing you to buy a $100-plus course for as little as ten bucks.

    2. Khan Academy

     Khan Academy is a popular online resource for learning that released an Android app early in 2015. It teaches some of the more traditional subjects such as math, science, physics, economics, and many more. The app contains over 10,000 educational videos along with various lessons that can either get you caught up in subjects or help refresh your memory in some of them. It’s a powerful app that’s free to use and definitely worth a shot for the digital learner.

    3. TED

     Touting itself as a repository of, “Knowledge in dangerously addictive short ideas.” TED is another non-profit organization dedicated to the spread of intriguing or inspirational thoughts, usually in videos of 18 minutes or less. These videos, dubbed “TED Talks” can be on a diverse range of subjects, from art to science to global issues.
    The TED mobile app gathers the entire TED video library into one place for your education and enjoyment, and all content is free to view.

    4. Duolingo

    Duolingo hit the ground running back in 2014 when it showed that educational apps can also be fun. This app teaches you how to speak a second language. It does so in bite-sized chunks where you play mini-games and take small lessons to improve your vocabulary, culminating in more difficult lessons later on. It’s a lot of fun to use, accessible to practically anyone at any age range, and features over half a dozen languages. It’s also entirely free, has no advertising, and it’s effective.

    5. Memrise

     Memrise is a language learning platform that has seen some big growth over the last couple of years. It boasts a scientifically developed set of courses for each language it supports to help you learn a new language as effectively and quickly as possible. It uses a course-based set up where you can choose among 1000s of courses in 100s of languages so you can learn at your own pace. It also has syncing between devices, progress tracking, and multiple test modes to see how you’re really doing. Most of the app is free to use so it’s worth a shot.

    6. SoloLearn : Learn to Code

    SoloLearn is a relatively new app, but it has been growing steadily with a global community of coders and enthusiasts. The app, mostly focuses on teaching various programming languages to people. The notable feature of the app is that it offers peer to peer interaction, which means you can contact anyone and share your questions or problems in order to get a solution. Right now, the app supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Python, Java, C#, SQL, Swift, and Ruby. The app also has a “Discussions” page to enhance the learning experience. You should give this app a try if you are fascinated by coding and its applications. Also, SoloLearn is available for free and does not include any in-app purchases or ads.

    7. YouTube

     That’s right, folks, YouTube is more than just the only place in the world where you can watch a cat/Pop-Tart hybrid soar through space on a magical rainbow road while singing the world’s most annoying song for 10 hours straight. Type the words “how to” into the app’s search bar and you’ll find everything from how to get started in a healthcare career to how to tie a bowtie. And to take the most advantage of YouTube you should check out this post where I have shared some amazing YouTube URL hacks.

    Like Wikipedia, anyone can upload a video to YouTube, so be aware that some learning videos will be more reliable than others.
    How do you know whether a video on a certain subject is trustworthy? Look for one that’s made or has been posted by an expert with real-world experience in the subject you’re interested in.

    So, Find your interest in any topic or stream and start learning today. You don’t need a college degree to be successful instead all you need is knowledge and skills and both come with hard-work. So work hard and smart towards your passion. I wish you all the best and don’t forget to comment and share it with your friends

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