Download the Latest Version of TinyUmbrella Application for windows – free download and 100% working

Download the Latest Version of TinyUmbrella Application for windows – free download and 100% working

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TinyUmbrella Application for windows free download and 100% working

We hope that now you know why should we use the TinyUmbrella application! This TinyUmbrella Application is used to select the older versions of the devices. Apart from this, it is also useful for various purposes that are related to the firmware.

TinyUmbrella Application is a free licensed application and easy to understand to naive users. The graphical user interface of this TinyUmbrella application made this very popular among all of the Applications. Earlier, this TinyUmbrella application was available only for the Android devices and iOS devices, but now this is also available for windows too. So this version of the TinyUmbrella application for Windows is also known as the firmware umbrella of windows.

TinyUmbrella Application is useful in downloading the shsh blobs and save that shsh blobs as well as also help us to convert the downloaded shsh file into the IPSW file. TinyUmbrella Application is also useful in fixing in recovery and downgrading the device.

TinyUmbrella Application is a Java-based application that also required administrative privileges. This Application can be used to get the older version of our devices. It is one of the best apps that we have on our list.

As you know, TinyUmbrella Application is a free licensed application or software for laptops or PCs and any other devices. The firmware umbrella develops this Application for both the operating system 32 bit and 64-bit version. This TinyUmbrella Application is readily available on the internet so that we can download it easily.


The primary purpose behind the design of this TinyUmbrella application is Those users who want to downgrade the version of their devices. This Application saves the shsh blobs as an external file, so if we’re going to use this in the future, we can easily do that by starting the TSS server.

TinyUmbrella Application is a combination of two software. To run this application, we need to install Java in our device. Now let’s understand that two software and meaning of this one TinyUmbrella application,

  • Tiny TSS – It is a local server which can be useful to restore the older version and shsh blobs files.
  • Umbrella – It is used to store the shsh file, which is known as a secure signature hash file that is stored in the device and downgrade the software if required.

Getting the root access of the device’s operating system and to allow users to install the unofficial third-party Application on their devices is known as jailbreak or jailbreaking. This Operating system runs on devices such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and many more. In other words, You can assume jailbreaking allow us the advanced options on devices such as Windows 10 and different versions. Now it is available on most of the windows devices.

Now one question you can have in your mind that what is precisely shsh? So let’s find your answer below.

What is shsh?

shsh is known as a unique key. It is a small part of data that has information regarding all the firmware of the devices. It is straightforward to use shsh blobs to any naive user as it is effortless to understand the interface of the TinyUmbrella application.

What is the Need for this TinyUmbrella Application?

Now, Assume one scenario where you have accidentally update your device, or you have downloaded the latest version of your device. By doing this, you will lose your old firmware, which can become a problem for many users. That’s why to save the older version and restore that saved version of your device, we required an application like TinyUmbrella. And this is the main reason why we should use this TinyUmbrella application.

One thing you should know that our device can quickly get into the recovery mode, but it is quite tricky to get out of the recovery mode. So TinyUmbrellaapplication is useful in fixing the recovery mode of your device. This TinyUbrella Application can help us in this situation without losing our data so that there is no need to restore the device. 

Working of the TinyUmbrella Application

When we get a new version of our device or update the device, It saves the data automatically in the device, which is known as the shsh blobs in the TinyUmbrella application. This shsh blobs of the device have some information about the firmware and the device. These shsh blobs are stored in an external file. Now you must be wondering why these data are stored into shsh blobs as an external file! That because Officially Windows gives us only a few days or time to downgrade our device.

Version Information

Publisher The Firmware Umbrella
Release Date Mar 30, 2017
Version 9.3.4
Operating System Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
Downloads 90,590
License Free

Features of the TinyUmbrella Application

  • TinyUmbrella application is free software to use.
  • It is updated recently, and It is safe to download.
  • TinyUmbrella application can now work on any versions of Windows.
  • This TinyUmbrella Application has an excellent user interface. That is why it is easy to understand and easy to use.
  • As this TinyUmbrella application has great GUI, It has become popular among all of the applications, and it is uses the choice to use it compared to other applications.

Technicalities of TinyUmbrella Application

  • Name – TinyUmbrella_windows_9_3_4.exe
  • Size – 36.35 MB
  • Developer – The firmware umbrella
  • Last updated – 30 April 2019
  • cost – Free licensed or free to use
  • Supported OS – Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista

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Steps to download the TinyUmbrella Application for Windows

  1. First of all, Go to the Start Menu then the open Run command.
  2. Now, Type “MSC” in the Run box and click Enter.
  3. Now, you have to search for an application that runs on port 80.
  4. If you find that Application, then stops that Application.
  5. Finally, download the TinyUmbrella application for Windows.

If you have followed the steps as given above, then you have to follow some more essential steps such as,

  1. Disable the IIS Server 
  2. Now, Make sure that Apache is not working, and if it is working, then disable it.
  3. You have to disable Skype to run the TinyUmbrella Application.
  4. You can add custom devices manually using ECID.

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