Download BOMBitUP APK: SMS Bomber for Android Latest Version 2021

Download BOMBitUP APK: SMS Bomber for Android Latest Version 2021

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If you have ever heard of an SMS Bomber, then you might also have heard of BOMBItUP. So today, we are going to share with you all the details about this awesome best SMS bomber and how to download BombItUp Apk, so let’s get started.

And if you have no clue about SMS bombing, then let me explain to you, Suppose your friends irritate you all the time, or your crazy relatives put their noses too much in your life! And you feel like taking revenge on them by doing some unharmful prank; in all these cases, BombItUP is your perfect partner.

SMS bombing or SMS blasting allows you to send lots of text messages to anyone even without sharing your number or revealing your identity, it will send OTP messages, and it will disturb your sweet enemy like hell by spamming their inbox. All you need to do is enter their phone number and hit the button; it will do the rest in the background without wasting your precious time. Sound interesting? Let’s learn more about BombItUp free SMS bomber.


BOMBItUP, as the name suggests it allows you to bomb messages, calls, even emails. In addition, it allows you to send unlimited numbers of messages in just one single tap.

This is an exciting and effective app that is used to prank your friends and family members. Unfortunately, this application is not available on the play store or any other store, so you will have to download the apk file from their official website. Many fake websites do not worry; we have linked their official website’s download link to protect you from unwanted malware spreaders.

If we talk about data privacy, then the BOMBItUP will not share any details like email, Phone number, and other things. It is an absolutely free app, but if you want to enjoy an ad-free experience, you will have to pay a small amount for the bombitup premium version. Bombitup premium will get rid of advertisements, surveys and any limits.

Remember, you will be solely responsible for anything unwanted that happens to you or your data; the developers will not be responsible for what you will do with this application; nevertheless, the best thing is you don’t need to worry about it because jokes are fun after all!

Version Info – BOMBItUP APK

Type Free With Ads. (No Premium Available)
Size 11.7 MB
Last Updated 21 June 2021
Android Version 4.4 Kitkat and Above
Developer Rom Reviewer
Version 4.1.1
Ratings 4.5
Category Tools/SMS
Countries Supported India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, UK, US, Philippines
Available On Playstore No

Changelog – What’s New In BombItUp 4.1.1?

[New] Welcome Screen Added

[New] Ads Reduced

[New] Android Q supported now

[Fixed] Dark Mode is now stable

[Fixed] App is optimized for speed

[Fixed] Crashes of Button animation is fixed

[New] App theme is now completely material

[Fixed] SMS bomber API is fixed for India, Nepal and Pak

[New] New API has been added

[New] Alert Notifications

[New] New US SMS bomber

[New] Latest Protection list schedule

Features of BOMBItUP apk

  1. Easy to use – You will love the User Interface; it’s fully material design-based.
  2. Unlimited SMS – There is no limit or restriction on SMS. You can send unlimited numbers of SMS to your friends and family.
  3. Call blast and Email blast – You can send lots of email to your friend to annoy them. Here you assume one scenario where you send lots of email to your friend, and the email tones and vibrations will irritate them. Now the same way you can irritate them by calling them, here the choice is yours!
  4. Custom messages – You can send custom bulk messages to your friends, but this will require a way2sms account, and it will not be anonymous.
  5. No root is required – To run this apk on your phone, there is no root access required; hence you can easily use this application.
  6. Flexible and secure – This apk is flexible as it doesn’t have any restriction to use it and secure. If we talk about security, your Phone number and email are safe as they prevent the attack from other people.
  7. WhatsApp Spammer – It allows you to spam WhatsApp messes via repeating a message rapidly.

BombItUp SMS Blast Limits

There are certain limits for a single blast mentioned below for every available country; additionally, you can also adjust SMS sending speed delay between 1.5 seconds (super fast) to 3.5 seconds (slow kill).

  • India – 150
  • UK – 25
  • Nepal – 40
  • Philippines- 40
  • Pakistan – 30
  • US – 25
  • Bangladesh – 25

How To Download And Install BOMBItUP Apk On Android?

Now, you are aware of its great features, so let’s see how you can download the best SMS bomber in the town.

1.  First of all, Click on the given link to download the BOMBItUP apk on your phone.


2. After successful downloading, Install it on your Phone by clicking on the “Install” button. Suppose you face any issue in this step, then check from the settings option and enabled the “Unknown sources” option.


3. Once the apk is installed on your phone; your SMS bombing app is ready to use, go and destroy their EGOs.

How To Use BombItUp Online?/ Online SMS Bomber

BombItUp is a great messaging bombing app, but what if you do not have an android phone? Or you want to bomb your friends via your PC/Laptop or iPhone/Mac? or you do not trust these apps and do not want to install SMS bomber apk because of security reasons!!!!

An online SMS bomber would be helpful in these cases, but unfortunately, BombItUp currently does not have any app for iOS or a website where bombitup online can be used. But do not worry, we have a solution for that too!


There is this cool website named MyToolsTown, where you can use text SMS bomber online; when I first show this website, I literally called it bombitup online because it has almost identical features, it can SMS blast up to 200 messages in one go and 225 if you signup on their website, they support sending SMS in India, US, UK and almost every country. You can also schedule the bombing, change the message sending speed and protect yourself from bombing via a protection list. So what are you waiting for? Go now and drop the message bomb on your girlfriend!

How To Protect Your Phone Number and Email Address with Bombing Spam Protection List


BombItUp has an SMS bombing protection list feature that saves you from being bombed by your rivals. All you need to do is go to Protection List from the menu, enter your name and number and done now; you are protected for the next 3 weeks. It’s the fun part that they allow it only for 3 weeks; meanwhile, MyToolsTown has a permanent list, but there is no fun in-game if it isn’t challenging, right?

By The Way, all these protection lists work only for their own tools, so do not forget to regularly subscribe to all the protection lists.

Developers and Contributors of BombItUp

we must thank them,

  • Rom Reviewer – App Developer
  • Hardiksinh – Application Testing
  • Rachit – Application Security
  • Rizwan – U.K. Bomber
  • Johnny – U.S. Bomber
  • Utsab Bhattarai – Nepal Bomber
  • Joshua Primero – Philippines Bomber
  • Darvesh Lashari – Pakistan Bomber
  • Samiul Hafiz – Bangladesh Bomber

Honourable Mentions – Best BombItUp Alternatives

Many websites and apps claim to provide SMS bombing service, but most of them do not work. These apps are highly dependable on SMS APIs, so sometimes they do not work perfectly; that’s why we have prepared the list of working Best SMS Bomber Apps with the highest accuracy and uptime so that you can always have an alternative.

  • MyToolsTown SMS Bomber
  • Turbo Bomber
  • SMS Blast
  • SMS Repeat
  • Crazy SMS
  • TXT Blast
  • SkTech Bomber

Final Words On BombItUp

This article introduced the key features, Version info, and all the details to download the BOMBItUP app on your phone. This app is exciting and very easy to use to prank your friends and family members. The best thing is you are not required to do anything, and this app will automatically save your time. So Download it right now and enjoy it for free!

As we earlier mentioned in this article, apart from the all fun part, this app is only for fun and not for the bad intention to serve others. In that case, if anything happens then, developers will not be responsible. So use it carefully and check their privacy policy.

If you use it for a fun purpose only, then definitely you are going to love it. And yes, don’t forget to share your experience in our comment section below. Thank you!

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