Legit Tips – Facebook Hacking and Securing Your Accounts


So guys, as in many YouTube videos or as they call it “Hacking Tutorials,” people claim that they are about to show you how to hack Facebook. And if you continue the video, they will show you some steps or some software to hack Facebook, and eventually, they hack Facebook. But what happens when you do those steps? You get nothing except wastage of your valuable time.

Why? Because it’s all fake. Trust me; YouTube has no video, which shows you how to hack Facebook. Hacking Facebook is not that easy; Facebook pays millions of dollars to the professional white hat hackers to ensure its security, and you think that just by watching some fake videos on YouTube, you can beat those professional white hat hackers? No, it’s not possible.

But yes, I agree that YouTube has too many videos that can teach you social engineering or phishing in a perfect way, or you may guess someone’s security question right and change its password.

Buts it’s not hacking, Okay! So, if someone is claiming that they can crack or “HACK” someone’s Facebook, they are lying. Okay, you never going to get the password, you might be able to gain access to their account, probably not. Not from the videos that you saw on YouTube. If someone is skilled at the stuff on the internet, he might be able to get access to someone’s account but are not going to get the password. And probably only a few know how to access someone’s account until you guess the right security question. Guessing the right security question is the most significant flaw any website can have because, for your relatives and friend, it’s straightforward to think about the correct answer.

So if you don’t want your Facebook account to get compromised or “HACKED” the only thing you have to worry about is just having secure password and a problematic security question and have a different password on both your social media account and on your email account and also NEVER type in your Facebook password on place other than www.facebook.com because ‘phishing’ is probably the easiest way to get your Facebook account hacked or compromised. In phishing, you type your password on a page which looks like Facebook, but it’s not Facebook, and they didn’t cut you; instead, you gave them your password as a gift, Alright. So basically, if you get hacked it’s your fault; that’s the message I want to convey to you.

Securing Your Accounts

You can easily prevent yourself from getting your Facebook or any other social media account hacked or compromised. There are very cases when website password database gets compromised, but that’s very rare; it has happened a few times, , but most probably, it’s your fault. It’s your responsibility for adopting poor security practices. So you are the only person who can only defend yourself against getting hacked. Although it’s not cutting.

I understand that the term hacking is changing at this point. It no longer means what it used to be.

If someone took the time to hack Facebook, which probably has some of the most advanced security software and hardware in the world because it is one of the biggest websites in the world. They’re not going to post it to your wall. Let’s say that they’re going to mess your day up; they’re going to steal hundreds of thousands of credit cards and stuff like that.

Okay guys, so things to take away from this post are:-
1. Secure Passwords
2. Safe security questions
3. Don’t keep the same password everywhere
4. And never type in your password anywhere until you are sure that it is the real website

I hope this post was informative and full of legit information. Be secure, adopt healthy security practices, and if you have any issue or want me to post on a particular topic, let me know in the comments.

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