Instagram Growth Hacks 2018 (How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically)

Today, Instagram has over 1 billion users and over 800 million monthly active users, making it the 2nd biggest social media website ever after Facebook. And with this much potential customers, few Instagrammers are making over $75,000/year.


But the fact is more than 80% Instagram users are using Instagram as a social media website/app to have fun and enjoy their free time and 20% of people are trying to start a huge business on Instagram but the fact is only 1% people know exactly how to perfectly grow an account from Zero to Hundred.

What most of the people do is they start using popular hashtags like #followforfollow, #f4f, #followback and etc; they start using follow/unfollow strategy and like the pictures of random people, hoping for a follow back. Which may help them grow to few thousands followers but actually it ruins an Instagram account and decreases its reach to their followers.

So today, in this article, I am going to show you how you can grow your Instagram in the right way. But before you start thinking that why you should trust me and why you should continue reading this article, let me tell you that I am also an Instagram marketer, owning several huge accounts and @legittechinfo is one of them. 😉

Check some snapshots of results I have got earlier on @legittechinfo just by following the strategies that I am going to share in this article.



How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically?

Earlier, growing an Instagram account used to a really easy to do job. Just use popular hashtags, locations and even simply posting daily at most got the Job done.

But now, with the new Instagram algorithm update, the scenario is totally different. If you want to grow your Instagram at a good speed, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Select a specific niche

instagram niche

Before starting a new Instagram account, choose a specific niche. It could be a broad niche like Luxurious Lifestyle or a macro niche like Watches, Cars or Mansions. Try to choose a niche in which you are already interested, it will help you to work on a long term.

2. Choose a name and username

After selecting a specific niche for your Instagram account, select a name which must be related to the niche of your account. Try to find a username which should be small, niche specific and most importantly it must not contain any symbols (._) or any numbers.

3. Give signals to the Instagram’s algorithm

So here comes the special part. From now on, every single step that you will take will give a signal to Instagram’s algorithm about your niche. So you need to careful with your actions.


To give positive signals to Instagram’s algorithm, start following some huge accounts in your niche, like their posts, put on some random comments on their post and save few of their posts.

After doing so, Instagram will see that this new user is following, liking, commenting and saving the posts from a specific niche and will categorize your account in that specific niche. And once you are in a specific niche, your posts will be more likely to fall on explore pages of people who have shown interest in that niche earlier.

4. Hashtags Research

Most probably, everyone uses most popular hashtags in the hope of getting more followers and engagement. And they also achieve it but actually, most of the followers and engagement that you will get from hashtags will be the accounts running on Instagram bots. Which is of no use. Only a few engagements will be from the real accounts and other will be botted.

So what is the best way to use hashtags? Well so before adding any hashtags to your posts, you need to do a small but effective hashtag research. According to your current num

5. Post pictures consistently


After setting up your Instagram account as described above, start posting high-quality content daily. Everyday post at least 2 pictures and use the set of hashtags you created earlier in the caption area of the post.

On Instagram, there is no copyright policy. So you can re-post any content on Instagram just give proper credits to the owner in the caption or by tagging them in the post itself.

6. Bring on engagement (The Key To Instagram Success Begins)

So here comes the most crucial part of our Instagram game. You need to bring quality engagement to your posts as soon as you post it. Quality engagement is the most important factor behind Instagram’s algorithm for explore page.

Let me explain first how it works. And for this purpose, we are taking 2 random accounts and naming it as Account1 and Account2.

So how the Instagram’s algorithm work is, whenever a person named Account1 likes the post of Account2, Instagram’s algorithm thinks that if the Account1 has liked the post of Account2, then there is higher possibility that the followers of Account1 will like that post too. So  Instagram pushes that post to the explore page of followers of Account1.

So how will you bring engagement to your post?

There are several methods to bring engagement to your posts. And I am going to explain 2 of them

1. Engagement Groups

The secret weapon that not much Internet marketers will directly tell you about. Engagement groups will help you to combat the Instagram algorithm and give you more of a chance to succeed in engagement and a successful Instagram growth hacks.

An Engagement group is where several accounts of almost same in size like and comment on each other’s post on fixed times called rounds. There are a lot of engagement groups that you can find on telegram or you can use paid service of FuelGram which automates your Engagement groups.

2. Instagram Pods

Using Instagram pods is a really great strategy that every Instagrammer should use. What is an Instagram pod?

Actually, it’s almost same as the Engagement groups but instead of going to any other platform like Telegram or Messenger, you make a group on Instagram itself. But in an Instagram pod, you can only add 15 members. But if every member of the pod is from the same niche as yours and has a good number of followers, then it can be more powerful than an engagement group of 100 accounts.

3. Power Likes

Powerlikes are the most effective and the fastest way to go viral on Instagram but at the same time, it is the most expensive way. While I was using powerlikes, I use to get over 1million reach per post very easily! Getting over 1 million reaches per post was a regular thing for most of the people who use powerlikes.

So What is Powerlikes?

Powerlikes are system delivery of likes from huge accounts as soon as you upload your post, which increases the chances of hitting Instagram explore page.

What it actually it does is, when a huge account with about 50k to 100k followers likes your post, Instagram’s algorithm puts that post on the explore page of the followers of that account. And this cycle goes on forever and you keep getting more and more reach through explore page. And you will get tons of followers everyday organically.

But as I already told you that powerlikes are most expensive as they start from $250 per month to $500 per month but in this article, I am going to introduce a new Powerlikes service named InfiniCore which is in beta testing mode at the moment. Thanks to Haydar DI and Jennifer Mercurio for this great powerlike service.

 infinicoreBasically, InfiniCore is a powerlike service which provides powerlikes to your post automatically everytime you upload your posts. It has a different group for different niches so you will get powerlikes from the niche in which your account is. And you will gain more targeted followers.

Below are some results what we have got till now using infinicore powerlikes


Instagram Growth Hacks 2018 (How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically)

Instagram Growth Hacks 2018 (How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically)











As the InfiniCore service is in beta testing mode at this moment, you can join the beta tester squad for free and get powerlikes for free! After the beta test will be over, new rates will be updated on the website and the beta testers will get some additional benefits or discount.

Here are few testimonials of current beta testers









This is just a few of the testinomials! Join the Facebook group of InfiniCore and see the results that current beta testers are getiing!

7. Posting at optimal times

After all the great work that we did above can go to the bin if we didn’t optimize our posting times.

Yes, that’s true if you post at the optimal times, your post can get over 30% more engagement. But the problem faced by most of the users in selecting optimal times for their post is that they have no idea about the timing when most of their followers come online.

So the best way to figure out optimal times for posting is to switch to a business account. You can switch to business account anytime and switch back to personal account anytime. When you switch to a business account, you will get this type of insights and many more:


So how to switch to an Instagram business account?

Well, it’s a really easy to switch to a business account, you just need a Facebook page. Follow the steps given below to switch to Instagram business profile:

  1. Go to Instagram> Profile Page there on the top right corner, there will be 3 dots, click on it.
  2. Scroll down a bit and you will find a column named as Business Settings in that column there will an option to Switch To Business Profile, click on it.
  3. It will ask you to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page to proceed.
  4. Make a new Facebook page of yours or select an existing page and select continue and done!

Your account is now successfully converted to a business account and you can access your account insights to know a lot of facts about your followers.

And there in the insights, you will find a column where it will show a complete infographic of your followers about when most of them come online. And that’s it, that’s what we needed, the optimal times.


So that’s it for Instagram growth hacks 2018. Utilise all the growth hacks mentioned above to have a huge Instagram following and to reach millions of new users every day.

I mention again that I am also using the same strategies which are mentioned above, nothing more advanced or any secret. Just follow this complete guide of Instagram growth hacks from start to finish. And I’m sure you will get the success for sure.

I hope you will love reading this article about Instagram Growth Hacks 2018. If you did, then please share it with your friends so that they can also learn these strategies and grow their Instagram accounts too.

For more updates and articles stay tuned to Legit Tech Info and to get regular updates, do join our family of 100s of readers on our Facebook Page

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