How to change Hathway WiFi Password?

How to change Hathway WiFi Password?

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How can you change the Hathway wifi Password?

How to change the Hathway wifi password on the router? Many of the users have the same question like this. Almost all the Internet connections have access that comes with the Password of the credential or without credentials password.

When you buy the internet connection from an Internet connection or service provider, it provides you the DSL Router. Afterward, it is necessary to set the strong Password of the router so no other can have access to it.

To set the password or to change the Password, you must have access to the main control panel of your router. Then you can Log in to the account and change the access control.

Why Password is Important for any router?

Before we go ahead with the discussion of the change password for Hathway, you must know that is it important to have a strong password for the router or not!

One of the main reasons to have a strong password is; to prevent the attacks from hackers. Yes, you may have frequent attacks by hackers from all around the world. If they get succeeded to hack your password, then they can easily access the main control panel and change all the access such as Password any many more things.

Some of the wifi routers have long-range and strong connection speed to it, so surrounding people are trying to access them for their free usage.

If you don’t have a strong password or a password that can be easily hacked then lots of people can connect to it, it may lose the bandwidth of your internet. As a result, you have to face poor internet connectivity.

Many people tend to keep the Password from their name or simply 12345678 that can be easily hacked. So keep your Password with the combination of alphabets, special characters, and numbers. We recommend you set a strong password for your router, and if possible, you should frequently change the Password of it.

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How to Set the Hathway wifi password?

To set the Password for the first time is quite tricky things for the new users. They have to take the help of any professional guide or any article. To make this process easy, users should understand the whole User interface and all the navigations from the admin panel. Here you can see how you can set the Password of Hathway wifi router.

  1. Connect your computer with the Hathway wifi router using a LAN Wire.
  2. Now, open the router login page in your browser using or, Which are the default login IP addresses.
  3. Enter your username and Password provided by the Hathway service provider. Mostly Password is blank so you can access them easily.
  4. Now go to the security and Profile section from the admin panel.
  5. Click on the Set up a Password and set the strong suggested Password.
  6. We recommend you to set a password with the combinations of alphabets, numbers and special letters. So there are less chances to get attacked by the hackers or attackers. Here you are done with the process.

How to change the Hathway wifi password from your computer or mobile?

As we suggested earlier, you should change your Password frequently to prevent from the hackers and attackers. So here, we will share how you can change the Hathway wifi password.

The default login Ip address of all the routers is or It may slightly have changed according to your router model. You have to find your username and Password based on that model.

  1. Make sure to connect your mobile or computer to Hathway wifi. During the entire process, you must be connected with the Hathway wifi.
  2. Now, log in to the admin panel or control panel using username and Password.
  3. After successfully logging in, navigate to the Security and Profile page.
  4. Now click on the Change the Password from all of the options.
  5. Now set your Hathway password with the combinations of letters, numbers, and other special characters. Here you are done!


In the above article, we have shared how you can set or change the Hathway password using the admin panel. If you are facing any trouble or have any doubts regarding this, then kindly mention us through the comment section below. Thank you!




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