Get Your System Secured From Latest Ransomware Attacks

The year 2017 has been the time full of ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a type of cyber attack in which hackers take control of your computer or mobile device and demand payment. The hackers first download malicious software on a device and then use the software to encrypt the information on it.

how ransomware works

One of the attacks that left a major impact was WannaCry. It used the vulnerability of Windows Server component and demanded ransom payments in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Within a day, it infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries. The vulnerability was first disclosed by NSA as a part of a massive dump of software vulnerabilities, from there it was purloined by Shadow Brokers, a group of hackers.

However, Microsoft fixed the flaw and also a key was developed to decrypt the ransomware, which made everything right in the world. Don’t you think this makes you realize how vulnerable we are in front of these hackers?

This attack was a wakeup call. It is our responsibility to keep our computer secure from all kind of malicious activities.You can also install ransomware protection tools to ensure the safety of your computer.

In this post, we have listed some of the best ways to safeguard your computer from getting victimized by the ransomware attacks.

Backup Your Files:

The biggest harm in ransomware attack is data loss. Once you are under the attack, there seems to be only one way out to it, pay the ransom and get your files, documents, pictures back. This will not be the situation if you make a habit of backing up your files. You should backup all your important data on your separate disks such as external hard drives or USBs, or on Cloud.

So, in the worst case scenario, if your computer is attacked, you will not lose your data.

Don’t Open Suspicious Links, Emails Or Websites:

Don't click suspicious links

Hackers need to download malicious software onto a victim’s computer. This is used to initialize the attack and encrypt the files on victim’s computer. Links, malicious advertisements, and more are used to install malicious software. Many times, You unintentionally or intentionally click on a link and get trapped in a vicious circle. It is recommended to be cautious before opening the email from the unknown sender. Moreover, you should never download an app outside the official store.

Keep Your System & Security software Updated:

Microsoft keeps releasing update and fixes to resolve any ongoing issues. Most of us procrastinate downloading and installing updates as we are busy with working or we simply don’t find them important. However, it is recommended to install updates of Windows to ensure your operating system is never vulnerable.It is recommended to keep your security software up to date as it ensures the security of your computer.

Never Pay Ransom:

It is advised not to pay ransom as you can’t possibly know whether a hacker has an intention to give your data back or not. Moreover, paying ransom will only encourage hackers to victimise more and more people. Also, there are a lot of software available to recover the encrypted files.

If you have a backup of your files and documents, then you can easily restore them onto your machine.

Use Ransomware Protection Tools:

Given the time, it is mandated to keep a security software on your computer to ensure the safety of your computer 24*7. Though there are a lot of tools available in the market but there is only a few software on which you can truly rely on. One of them is Ransomware protector. The software is available for free if you want it for personal use. Ransomware Protector is online backup tools which ensure that your documents, photos, videos and other files are safe in the cloud. If you become a victim of ransomware attack and your files are encrypted by the hackers, you don’t need to pay a ransom. As you can get your files back by downloading them from a cloud.

With Ransomware Protector, you don’t need to get worried about backing up the files, as it backups the files from time to time. Get it for your system and leave all the worries to it.

So, these are the ways in which you can ensure your system’s protection. I hope this article will be helpful for you. Stay tuned to Legit Tech Info for more updates!

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