Download Anti Ban Edition of WhatsApp Plus 9.99.0 For Android


Download Whatsapp Plus AntiBan Version 9.99.0 Latest Apk

WhatsApp Provides us with many features, and it has become the biggest platform of communication in our routine life. It has become a Primary part of our life. People prefer WhatsApp because in it even a new user doesn’t need any instruction on how to use it. Isn’t it great?

It can hide last seen from everybody, But this is not enough to the several users, so they are looking for any other application for great features instead of WhatsApp providing to them. But the question is what to use? So here is the answer to this question to those users And the answer to this problem or difficulty is WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus Antiban Version is the alternative solution to the YoWhatsApp and GbWhatsApp, Which provides lots of features than any other WhatsApp mods. If you want to download the Whatsapp Plus AntiBan version, then Stay tuned! We are going to give the link of the WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus comes up with great features like hiding the last seen, Theme facilities, legal issues, security issues, and many more which you are going to love it to use. You can easily change the Theme of the WhatsApp plus, and you can share it as well.

You can enjoy this WhatsApp plus on your device without doing changes in your original WhatsApp.As I mentioned to you earlier, it comes with the fantastic features, Which you may not get in any other WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and many more. So check out the official AntiBan Whatsapp plus Apk from below and download it at the right moment to enjoy it.

In your daily life, there may be several reasons such as;

  • You are online till late nights for some, but your parents or any other relatives are there who can ask you a lot of things regarding this. Well, this is quite annoying!
  • Assume another case where you have annoying relatives or friends, and they might ask you directly that “Is there any reason behind this!”
  • There may be another case are there where people suspect you a lot by doing this, then life becomes frustrating. In these cases, WhatsApp Plus becomes your pain killer of this headache. So let’s go through some exciting features of WhatsApp Plus.

Version Info

App Name  WhatsApp Plus Apk
Version  9.99.0
Last Updated on 14 June 2020
Android Versions Required  4.0+
App Size  57.08 MB
Packages  Com.WhatsApp2Plus
Main Goal WhatsApp features + Extra creative features
Ratings 4.6

What’s New In v9.99.0

[Fixed] Hidden chats are visible in call Log Menu.
[Fixed] App-Crashing Incidents.
[Fixed] Problem while searching for themes.
[Improved] Add Thematical stickers.
[Improved] Possibility to remove all the pop-up ads.

Want to Know Your Phone’s Architecture? Then follow the below steps :

  1. You can Download Droid Info from the Play Store. If you want to download it right now, then click the link this below Link:                                           Droid Info on Play Store
  2.  Open Droid Info And Go to System Tab.
  3.  Now check the instruction sets and Download the Apk as per the requirement of your device. Check out the Screenshot below:                                                                                                                                                            droid-info

Features Of Anti Ban WhatsApp Plus


The latest version of WhatsApp Plus Provides Lots of features than any other WhatsApp mods. And that features are like Privacy, Unlimited Themes, Copy the status of your friends and many more. So let’s describe each in brief.

Top Features Of WhatsApp Plus


  • One of the most significant features of it is that You can hide your last seen and still you can talk to your friends and here the surprising thing is that they can’t see you “online“! Yes, you can keep your online status hidden, and it will always show offline, even when you are online.
  • You can download the status of your friends; It provides the feature of Downloading the status
  • You can send the large size of video or audio to your friends without any restrictions.
  • It provides Improved voice calling and Video Quality. So you can enjoy with your friends.

WhatsApp Plus Privacy Features


  • You can set the password of the whole application or even set it for the individual sets.
  • You can add a tag that will prevent the messages from forwarded to the particular person.
  • One App for this, called Sticker Plus has also developed that includes dozens of amazing Sticker Packs for WhatsApp Plus.
  • You can hide your double Ticks, Blue Ticks for both Contacts and Groups, and can do many more things.
  • You can Easily take the Backup of chats and all the files including images, GIFs, Videos, and many more.

WhatsApp Plus User Interface and Theme Features                      WhatsApp-Plus-Themes-Features

  • In an earlier version of WhatsApp Plus, You can set your status up to 139 characters only. But In it, You can set it up to 255 characters long.
  • You can not only download the status of your friends but also can copy to the clipboard and paste it to set on your phone.
  • There are More than thousands of themes are available you can download that and apply it to your device.
  • You can customize Blue Ticks and give them ios style, Facebook Messenger-style, or any other style you want to give.
  • You can add your customize Theme to your theme store in it.

WhatsApp Plus Media Features

  • You can send any files such as Zip, Exe, Docs, Apk, Excel, and many more.
  • You can select and send many more contacts at once, and you can share your location as well.
  • You can have a lot of action like change fonts, the color of fonts, and icons to build your Theme.
  • You can take the Backup of your Theme for your future use or share with your friends or share it on another device.
  • You can send audio which includes music and voice recordings up to a maximum of 50 MB. WhatsApp won’t allow us to send more than ten photos at a time, but in WhatsApp plus you can share it.

How to Download & Install WhatsApp Plus Apk Without Losing Old Chats

  1. The first thing You have to do is, Open Your Whatsapp and Go to the Setting Menu and select “Chats“.Then you will see “Backup Option“, Now tap on it and wait for the whole process of Backup.(Settings ->Chats ->Backup)                                                                                                      Whatsapp-plus                                                                                                                                                whatsapp-plus                                                                                                                                                      whatsapp-plus2                                    Whatsapp-plus3                                whatsapp-plus4
  2. You can take the back up in Google Drive as well. After taking Backup, Now Go back and Uninstall your stock WhatsApp from your device.                      whatsapp-plus5
  3. Now, Install WhatsApp Plus Apk on your Android Device from the following Link:
  4. While installing if it shows any error then Go to Settings of your device, then you will find the” Unknown Sources” option. Now enable that option. In some devices, it is located in privacy settings whereas in other devices you may find it available in Fingerprint Setting.                                        Whatsapp-plus-cred
  5. Open the application after the completion of the installation process.
  6. Now, Enter your Mobile Number and Verify your Number via OTP. It is an automatic process which is done by WhatsApp Plus.                                            whatsapp-plus-apk-download

After all the process, you are ready to use WhatsApp Plus with its amazing features. You can restore the Backup from Settings. Afterward, your old chats and media will be back in your WhatsApp plus account.


Alternatives to WhatsApp Plus

If you don’t like this WhatsApp plus and its features, then there are several other options to use extra features. You can try these applications also, which almost have the same features and some additional amazing features too.


Antiban version of GBWhatsApp also provides some extra cool features like Privacy, Friend Online Notification, Themes and User Interface, Passcode, Applock, Video limit for status and many more. If you are looking for these exciting features to use in your device, then Go for the GBWhatsApp without thinking anything.

You can Download AntiBan GBWhatsApp for Android from here!


YoWhatsApp is an alternative to it which also provides a bunch of features to the users. These features are much better than stock WhatsApp.If you want to use more than one modded Version of WhatsApp, then you should choose this YoWhatsApp.

You can Download AntiBan YoWhatsApp for Android from here!

Final Words

If you are looking for the more extra features which is much more useful for you rather than WhatsApp then, WhatsApp Plus Apk is the great choice for you. If you have any doubts or any query regarding this then feel free to know us in the comment section below. Thank you!

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