How To Access Wikipedia on WhatsApp

    Today almost everyone uses WhatsApp for chatting with their friends and family, and few of us who are tech lovers want some extra features like scheduling Whatsapp Messages, hiding online status, and downloading stories from Whatsapp app. These things we can’t do by using official WhatsApp. But do you know, Now you can use a mod version of Whatsapp official? Don’t know? Okay, let me tell you the name of this amazing app – GBWhatsapp Apk.

    GBWhatsapp is a popular mod of native Whatsapp app that you can use for doing above mentioned tasks.

    Well, Don’t go more in-depth about that GBWhatsapp. You’re here on this post because you were searching for how to access Wikipedia on Whatsapp, right? Everyone uses Wikipedia to learn more about any topic. Then, how cool it would be if you can access both of these fantastic platforms from a single app, WhatsApp?

    Yes, now you can access Wikipedia on WhatsApp to learn more about any topic for free. This service is amazingly helpful for all the students and learners out there and it is provided for free by Duta.

    And the best thing about it is that not only Wikipedia you can even use your WhatsApp as a search engine! You can also get new and info about Google search result, Dictionary word meaning, Live train status, Hindi and English GK quiz, Live Cricket Score, Football score, Train PNR status, Live train status, Motivational quotes, Bollywood & Hollywood news, India etc.

    So, in this article, I am going to explain about how you can access Wikipedia and all those other services on your WhatsApp. Actually, it is a WhatsApp bot developed by Duta.

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    But before start using duta, you should know that the team who developed this WhatsApp bot is not associated with WhatsApp Official. WhatsApp bot is created by It helps WhatsApp users to access Google, news, live cricket update and many more features right in your Whatsapp application.

    So now, without any further ado, Let’s get started

    How To Access Wikipedia on WhatsApp

    So, to setup the WhatsApp bot powered by Duta follow the easy steps mentioned below:-

    1. Add a new contact in your device and name it as “Wikipedia (or any other name of your choice)” and add these two numbers to that contact +919042002970 and +9190420029040
    2. Now open your WhatsApp application and Create a new group and name it anything
    3. Add that new contact named “Wikipedia” which we created in the first step
    4. After adding Wikipedia to the group, you will get the following message which ensures that duta services have been activated on your WhatsApp 😀

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Duta. You can:


    -subscribe to news updates:

    india news: type +news

    football: type +football

    cricket: +cricket

    hollywood: -hollywood

    bollywood: -bollywood


    -subscribe to devotional content:

    +gita, +quran, +bible, +ramayan, +gurugranth, +jain, +balaji



    search the web : type search translate : type translate



    For faster services from Duta, Please add +917397659976 to this group.

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    That’s it guys! Now, Duta services have been started on your number. And now you can access Wikipedia, Google search result, Dictionary word meaning, Live train status etc. right from your WhatsApp.  Add your other family members and friends to the group and enjoy the Duta services.

    wikipedia on whatsapp wikipedia on whatsapp













    Duta Service codes:

    • To get information from Wikipedia on WhatsApp, type Wiki SEARCHTERM and send to the group.
    • To get English news, send +NEWS to the group
    • To know the meaning of a word send +DICT WORD to the group.
    • Get Football and Cricket Updates by sending +CRICKET and +FOOTBALL to the group.
    • To play a GK quiz, simply send +GK to the group.
    • To play a GK quiz in Hindi, simply send GK Hindi to the group
    • To get live train status, Send Train train number to the group (as. Train 12321)
    • To get Train PNR status on Whatsapp, Send Pnr no. (as. PNR 25145266xx)
    • To unsubscribe anything anytime WhatsApp bot by sending -service in the group (as. -news, -cricket)

    Note:- If you want to access duta services on their app instead of WhatsApp you can download it from here

    Also if you are moving from one Android device to another Android device or if you are moving from an Android device to iPhone or vice-versa read this complete guide to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone or vice-versa

    I hope you found this article helpful. Please comment below if you face any problem. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and stay tuned to Legit Tech Info for more valuable content.

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