5 Reasons For You To Buy The iPhone X

    There is a war going on the internet since the launch of new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X by Apple Inc. on 12 Sep 2017. iPhone X gained tremendous popularity as compared to iPhone 8 and 8 plus.

    apple iphone x

    There are a lot of trolls on the internet regarding its price and features. But it really has some awesome features which will make you buy this.

    Here I will put light on some of the key features of iPhone X that will show you why you should buy iPhone X regardless to its huge price.

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    Top 5 Reasons To Buy The New iPhone X

    1. Face ID:

    iphone X face ID

    The Face ID is a facial recognition feature that is deployed in new iPhone X by Apple. It uses the combination of different cameras and sensors to recognize user’s face. The system is that powerful, if you make minor changes in your getup like grows the beard, wears glasses, changes hairstyle, it will still recognize you.

    This face ID is used to unlock the phone as well as for Apple Pay and many other functions.

    2. Edge to Edge Display:

    edge to edge display iphone x

    iPhone X uses OLED screen, which is arguably the most awesome smartphone screen ever used. The edge to edge display is used in past by many other companies like Samsung and Xiaomi but the Apple takes it to another level. This edge to edge Oled screen is never a thing to miss.

    3. Animoji:

    Animoji iphone X

    This is probably the most unique and awesome feature of iPhone X. It enables the user to make animated emojis with their own expressions that possess extraordinary movement according to user’s expressions and facial movement.

    4. Camera:

    Portrait mode of iPhone X’s camera gives it a plus point to all other cells in the town, it helps you to make some tremendous selfies and landscape pictures. Lenses setting helps taking images even in low light. And it can shoot video up to 4k.

    And it’s front camera also has a lot of new features that will force you to buy it.

    iphone x front camera

    5. You are not poor anymore:

    That sounds awkward somehow but it is true. If you can afford apple gadgets than it is always going to be amazing for you at an apple update. As this is a huge leap from Apple and has some extra features in iPhone X, so if you can afford it and love apple products, you should go for this.

    Iphone X

    And the best part is that it has the latest version of Apple iOS 11 which is really cool and if you don’t know about the features of iOS11 you can read about it from the above link.

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    Now, I hope you have made the decision in your mind that Apple iPhone X is worth buying or just a waste of money. But the final decision totally depends upon you. I am just sharing my personal view on the launch of the iPhone X.

    And do remeber that after paying a lot  for the iPhone don’t waste your money on purchasing apps from app store you can download paid  iOS apps for free without jailbreak so use this trick and save your precious money!

    You’re free to share your views and thoughts in the comment section, I would love to know your thoughts and views. And stay tuned to Legit Tech Info for more updates.

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