What Is a Trojan Horse?

A trojan horse, shortly known as trojan is a type of malware designed to provide an unauthorized remote access to a user’s device.  Trojan got it’s name from the great story of the Trojan War.

According to Greek mythology, Greeks offered the Trojans a peace offer in the shape of a large wooden horse however, when the Trojans wield the horse behind their closed gate, there were soldiers hidden inside the horse and they climbed out opening the city gates allowing the Greek army to capture the city.

What is trojan horse


Trojan horse software also operates in the same way where city can be imagined as your computer or any other device and horse is often a malicious computer program appearing to be useful Rosen’s. They do not replicate by infecting other files on the computer like viruses, in most of the cases they often go unnoticed and they may sit quietly on your computer collecting information or setting up rules in your security.

Trojan horse can steal various data such as credit card information and it can also install more malbet into your system. Some of the most common things trojans can do are

  1. Creating backdoor :- Trojans can be used to create backdoors which makes changes to your security system so that your data and device can be accessed by their controller
  2. Spying :- Some trojans are designed to wait until you access your online accounts and then send your data back to the hacker who is in control.
  3. Zombie Computer :- Some trojans just want to use your computer as a slave in a network controlled by a single hacker.

Trojans can also infect smartphones and most common way for criminals to make money is by using them to make your phone send costly SMS messages to premium members.

How To Save Yourself From The Trojan Horse or Rozen’s

Well, Rozen can look alike anything, the computer game you downloaded from a strange website or the free MP3 song by your favorite singer or just anything download from an unauthorized source. So following are the practices to be followed by everyone to stay safe online.

  1. Install a good antivirus program.
  2. Don’t go through spamming sites.
  3. Avoid downloading pirated content
  4. Never open spam links

I hope this article will help you to gain some knowledge and also help you to stay safe online. If have any questions put it in the comment box and share this article with your friends. And don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter to get notification whenever a new article is posted at Legit Tech Info.

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