Jio 25GB Free Data | 6 Month Prime Offer

    Jio Prime Fake Offer
    Reliance Jio is giving free 25GB

    Lots of People are getting a message like below from the past few days. As of you all know now the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic and due to this, your phone can might be hacked! Some of the people also have suggested the same message like

    “Jio and Facebook are giving daily 25 GB of data for 6 months to all the Jio prime users due to Lockdown of COVID-19”


    Reliance Jio is giving free 25GB
    Data Daily for 3-Months
    Download the app now and
    Register to activate the offer.

    Beware! It will not give you any 25GB data. It is Fake Jio Prime App, It’s a very dangerous virus which can harm you and your device a lot.

    According to the new plans of Jio, Jio data offer and jio free data code has been changed. Due to this several jio free data code numbers and jio free data codes also varies according to the latest plans of 2019.

    Here I am attaching a screenshot which some of my friends got.


    Free Jio 25GB Data
    Free Jio 25GB Data

    Website Looks Like This.

    Free 25gb data jio

    What is Inside the App?

    fake virus jio app


    • It downloads a direct apk package which is not safe!
    • It looks like the same as MY JIO App.
    • It has the same UI/UX has all the JIO apps usually have.
    • It takes all the permissions from your phone and read all the data like contacts and messages.
    • It also tells you to share the app to collect the 100 points.
    • If you get 100 points, they claim to provide you Jio 25GB Free Data
    • Our expert developers checked the application and we found that it contains a virus!

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    How do we know that It’s a hoax?

    • Sender ID, It says which is Rahul Moliya which is one of a friend and not the official JIO’s sender id.
    • Reliance Jio hasn’t announced any such offer on its official website
    • LINK which is TinyURL, a Url Shortener, Which Jio may not use, they have their own shortener.
    • It downloads an APK which direct the android app and not the play store.

    Unsurprisingly, We found It’s a fake app, but a serious thing is, It contains a malware which is a type of a virus (not exactly).

    What does it do?

    • Steals your data including all the contacts.
    • Sends a message to your all the contacts using your name (It will cost you SMS Charges too)
    • As they send SMS from your phone’s data, people might think this message is sent by you and will trust it.
    • It misguides people and spreads the rumor about jio prime offer using your name.
    • They can also sell all the contacts unauthorized to anyone in the black market.
    • You may get lots of spam calls and messages which may include marketing, loan, and insurance companies.
    • Isn’t it scary?? don’t worry read further.

    So, What should I do?

    • Revoke all the permissions of the application first in settings.
    • Uninstall this application immediately from your phone, if you can not uninstall the app directly then force stop first and then uninstall it.
    • Advice your friends not to click on these types of URLs and stay safe.
    • Inform your friends and share them with this article to aware them about the virus.
    • Block Unknown Sender which sends you these type of messages frequently, also report to the messenger app.
    • Install the Spam Protection messenger app available on the play store.
    • You can also install a mobile antivirus application like a quick heal.
    • Comment if you want any help from our experts.


    Beware of these type of online frauds, Let me know in the comments about these hoax.

    Take Care, Stay Safe, Jay Hind.


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    1. i too got such a message. clicked and downloaded. revoked permissions. while doing it i noticed an app – yellowpages (the logo was same as when i clicked and downloaded that apk file), and discontinued the call logs, location and storage permissions. but one permission- Telephone, i couldnt change. the allow/deny option is disabled/dead.

      any ideas?

    2. Sala fek hay ye bc app vala sabka data chori krta h frod krta h sale ko pit pit k churma bnaneka man kraa h …mera sara data lik krdiya mc ne
      Guy’s gltise v ese smg pr dhyan na de isko ignor kre kch 25gb ni deta blki humare phone ka data information chori karke bhechta h is app ka owner….

      • True, In Article we have exposed their black hat marketing stunt. Please share this article with more people and aware them. Thank You.

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