6 Best Dating Apps in India | July 2019

    Dating in India has become popular because of various new dating apps growing fast in Indian digital market. Most of you know about Tinder but there are other apps too in the queue along with Tinder.

    Here we have shared the list of best dating apps for India. You can download and install any application and start browsing various profile, maybe you get a perfect match and a life partner.

    I have checked various factors of the apps and then made the list, so you don’t have to worry about anything.  Privacy, Originality and security are major factors among them.

    Best Dating Apps in India

    Here is the list of dating apps that works well in India.

    Apps Android iOS Downloads
    Tinder Android App – 4.0 Ios App – 4.0 100
    Happn Android App – 4.3 Ios App – 4.1 10
    Jaumo Android App – 4.4 Ios App – 4.5 10
    SCOUT Android App – 4.3 Ios App – 4.1 50
    MeetMe Android App – 4.2 Ios App – 4.0 50
    Badoo Android App – 4.3 Ios App – 4.5 100


    1. Tinder



    Tinder is a very cute dating app, all you have to do is just swipe right when you like someone and swipe left for ignoring someone.

    How to Use Tinder

    Step 1: Register an account.

    Step 2: Swipe profiles and match.

    Step 3: Start talking

    Step 4: Ask for a date.


    2. Happn


    Happn is 2nd best dating application in India, It’s somehow better than Tinder as it works on based on your GEO location. When someone with Happn application passes by each other, the app shows “You have Path crossed with”. now you can send them a request and chat with them.

    How to use Happn

    Step1: Install Happn App

    Step2: Keep Your Mobile Data and Location Service Active

    Step3: It will show you the real people you crossed path with.

    Step4: Talk with them and Ask for a date.


    3. MeetMe

    How to Use MeetMe

    MeetMe is a dating app more like a social network with text chat and video chat features. It also works based on your location. It’s not widely used as tinder but it too works.

    Step1: Create a good profile

    Step2: Kudos, Done!

    Step3: Now you are ready to date beautiful people around you.


    End of the Story

    All the Images are used form the Internet, we don’t own any Images or resources. We are not affiliated with any of these application services. This article is just for education purpose. Thanks for reading.


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