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Hulu Error 5003: What Is It And How To Get Rid Of It For Forever!

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Most of you who are reading this article are regular users of online video streaming platforms and too mostly of Hulu. While Netflix covers the majority of streaming market share, Hulu is widely popular in the USA.

Just like any other video streaming service, Hulu also has certain defects or errors that sometimes interrupt users from watching content using Hulu. Among various errors, Hulu error 5003 is one of the crucial ones. This error frustrates Hulu users, and it isn’t very clear. Sometimes even are using various troubleshooting methods, this error does not go away.

In such a situation, we are here to save your day! Just follow our troubleshooting methods, and you will be able to use Hulu in no time.

What Causes Hulu Error 5003?

We will see what causes Hulu error 5003 after knowing what it does.  In most of the cases, this error appears when any content you’re trying to play through the Hulu app (a movie, an episode of a TV show, etc.) keeps freezing.

Following this error, first of all, you will be asked to check your internet connection. The most frustrating thing about this error is that it is highly persistent.

Very often, Hulu users who get this error on the platform resort to uninstalling the Hulu app and installing it again.  But, if you have noticed, this does not prevent the error from coming back.

And as we know, “prevention is better than cure!”

So we will see which methods we should employ, so that error 5003 does not occur again.

The other thing that can happen is that even if you have never gotten this particular error before, you might experience it when you pause the content that you are in the middle of watching and then try to resend your viewing activity.

It is then when you can get this error on your screen.

This time it can get more frustrating because, in some instances such as that one, you are not just trying to watch something, but you are in the middle of watching it already when the error comes up.

Some Hulu users report that they receive commercial breaks very often.

So without further much ado, let’s see the best troubleshooting methods for Hulu Error 5003.

Below mentioned are the best methods based upon user reviews, and all these methods are practically tried.

Troubleshoot Hulu Error 5003

Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

There is a high probability that your internet connection is not strong, and this might be causing the error to occur.

So first of all, check your internet connection.

If you are a WiFi user, then check the internet speed using a speed test.

IF you find that your internet connection is strong and the speed of the internet is high enough so that you can stream the content without buffering, then try placing your device near modem or router.

Once your WiFi connectivity is strengthened, it will provide more speed so that Hulu can be loaded without any buffer.

Method 2: Configure DNS Setting

This method will require a little technical knowledge to perform the configuration.

But don’t worry, follow these simple steps, and you can change it:

1. First of all, make sure you are connected to an internet connection.

2. Go to Setting > Your Connected Network > Internet Connection.

3. Open its Properties setting.

4. Choose the TCP/IPv4 setting.

5. Tick “Use the following DNS server addresses”

6. Change that DNS address as follows: Primary DNS –; Secondary DNS –

7. Click on the OK button in the end.

After completing these seven steps, restart your device and open Hulu.

Hen play any video available on Hulu’s homepage and see if there are any error.

Method 3: Reset Your Device

Here, resets do not mean that you will lose any data.

For streaming on Hulu, you might be using PlayStation, Apple TV, or Computer. But don’t worry, your data will not be lost in this rest.

Just follow the below-given steps:

1. Terminate Hulu on your device.

2. Shut down your streaming device.

3. Plug it off from power source.

4. Wait for almost 2-3 minutes.

5. In meanwhile, restart your router.

6. Connect your streaming device again.

7. Launch Hulu.

Oh yes, it was this simple!


We hope you won’t be receiving Hulu Error 5003 by now, and you can stream your content without any disturbance. As you are out of trouble now, sit back and enjoy your favorite show without any error.

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